A new layer of safety for your interactions.

Introducing SCI (Secure Contract Interactions), an open-source protocol crafted to safeguard web domains from unauthorized interactions and vulnerabilities.

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain technology, the interface where traditional web meets blockchain is often vulnerable, leaving it susceptible to security breaches like DNS hijacking and compromised frontend servers.

SCI is a protocol engineered to mitigate these risks, providing a robust verification system that instills confidence and trust in web3 interactions.

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Secure your web3 journey

SCI effortlessly enhances your web3 security by verifying the smart contract address and domain involved in your transactions through our MetaMask Snap

Your routine remains undisturbed while you are assured that you're interacting with whitelisted contracts authorized by the legitimate dApp owners, safeguarding against any unauthorized alterations or hijacking.

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Web Application

Enhance Your dApp Security

Our upcoming web application offers a straightforward solution to verify domain authenticity and securely associate your smart contracts contracts with your domain. You will be able to easily manage your ensuring that only your approved contracts can interact with your domain.

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Stay tuned for the upcoming release our web application. Meanwhile, you can start whitelisting your smart contracts at support@sci.domains

Our Team

Agustin Lavarello

Agustin Lavarello

Fullstack & Solidity Engineer

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Nicolas De Leon

Nicolas De Leon

Fullstack Engineer

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Agustin Vazquez

Agustin Vazquez

Fullstack Engineer

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Santiago Echeverria

Santiago Echeverria

Product Owner

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there something you would like to know that is not included on the Frequently Asked Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach us!

How does the SCI Protocol improve security?

SCI enhances security by verifying authorized smart contracts for web domains, reducing risks associated with unauthorized or malicious contracts.

What is the cost of using the SCI Protocol?

The SCI Protocol is free for both end-users and dApp owners.

Which wallets are compatible with the SCI Protocol?

We aim to support a broad range of wallets, focusing on integrating with the most popular and widely used ones. But from now on only Metamask is compatible with our protocol.

Do I need to share any sensitive information like a secret phrase with SCI?

No, SCI does not require any sensitive information such as secret phrases or private keys.

Is the SCI Protocol easy to integrate with my web domain?

Yes, SCI is designed for straightforward integration with web domains, emphasizing user-friendliness.

How can I whitelist my smart contracts with SCI?

Until our web application launches, you can whitelist your contracts by contacting us at support@sci.domains.

Is there going to be a browser extension for SCI?

Yes, developing a browser extension is on our roadmap. This will offer consistent features across different wallets, enhancing user experience and security.